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Anarchy Baby Chia Mohawk Head

  • Anarchy Baby Chia Mohawk Head

I don't know why this is the only pic I captured of this head, but I'm too tired to go take more photos, so this is what you get. The other side of the head is plain. And it has a nose ring. The face looks like a lot of the other ones on this site. The eyes are blue. It comes with a little vial of chia seeds and a little spritzer bottle and instructions. It will grow a lovely fresh green mohawk for you if you treat it right. If you want it and you ask really nicely, I'll probably take some more photos for you. The head measures 4" in height and features a matte finish. STL folks can pick up in the Central West End. Please use discount code LOCALPICKUP at checkout if you would like to use this option.